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Rev. Abigail Schairer

Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula, CA As a vibrant minister, dynamic speaker, and compassionate spiritual counselor, Rev. Abigail Schairer is inciting a global Love-olution by awakening people to their spiritual magnificence and radiant essence. Her spiritual journey began at the age of 21 after walking into Center for Spiritual Living San Jose, where she instantly found her “tribe”. Diving passionately into spiritual studies, she became a licensed Religious Science Practitioner in 2005 and later in 2011 graduated from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies with her master’s degree and ministerial license. In 2012, Rev. Abigail founded Center for Spiritual Living Peninsula, where she lovingly guides a growing congregation to embrace their own Divine potential. Inspired by the awesome collective potential of women in this world, she birthed SisterSpirit Women’s Retreat in 2008. She continues to facilitate this annual retreat, empowering women to live fully in their authenticity, allowing their love, creativity, and spirituality to heal themselves and the world. In 2015, Rev. Abigail also created a remarkable experience designed for spiritual adults ages 18–35, the Next Gen Retreat, as an investment in the future leaders of the world. This retreat educates participants about social justice, engaging in healthy relationships, leadership skills, and emboldens them to create a sustainable future of prosperity, service, and love for all. Rev. Abigail draws inspiration from the great spiritual masters of all religions and seamlessly marries it with practical guidance in her speaking and teaching. With a spirit as fun as her hair, love is at the core of all she expresses. She believes we are all a part of the human race, here to help create the life God intended us to have – one of absolute joy, complete abundance, and freedom. Abigail resides in San Jose, CA with her wife, Geena, their two cats, a stuffed “Unikitty,” and an assortment of books that threatens to take over their house. When she’s not changing the world, she learning how to cook healthy food, watching amazing movies, dancing to powerful music, going to plays, hiking, bike-riding… Rumor has it that, once in a while, she also sleeps!

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Elisha Christopher Hayden-Berrios, RScP

Launching Pad, Ashland, OR Elisha is a Religious Science Practitioner, speaker, trainer, facilitator, storyteller, and Social Artist. He is a trainer of trainers in Social Artistry, and has developed training curriculum for the Jean Houston Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Initiative. He has served as Spiritual Director to Launching Pad Communities in St. George, UT, Berkeley, CA and Ashland, OR.   He studies at the Holmes Institute, where he is working on his Ministerial training through Centers for Spiritual Living. Elisha’s greatest desire is to be in service to Life and aide in the conscious evolution of humanity.

Audra Nichole, RScP

Seaside Center for Spiritual Living, Encinitas, CA Audra Nichole was born and raised in the Bay Area in beautiful northern California. She first moved to southern California for college. She quickly fell in love with San Diego and “So Cal Living” and currently resides in Carlsbad, just a few blocks from the ocean. Audra is a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer. She has successfully completed Year 1 of Practitioner Studies and is on track to be a Licensed Religious Science Certified Practitioner (RScP) by the summer of 2017. She also intends to continue on into Ministerial School at Holmes Institute of Spiritual Leadership as well as complete their master’s program to earn her Master’s in Consciousness. She is one of the co-founders of the Seaside Possibilitarians which is the Next Generation Ministry, serving the 20’s and 30’s age group at Seaside Center for Spiritual Living in Encinitas, CA. She was a committee member and presenter at The 2016 Poway Interfaith Team, 6th Annual Spring Symposium & Youth Conference. She currently hosts Sunday Night LIVE, a monthly service specifically designed for us! Audra has been a long time student of New Thought. When she is not studying, facilitating workshops, serving private clients, leading her ministry or helping a fellow entrepreneur as a business consultant, you can usually find her on the ranch with her horse, Orion. With over 13 years of business consulting experience across a variety of industries from, Heath, Beauty and Wellness to Television Commercials, Real Estate, Finance and Philanthropy, Apparel and Basketball, Audra brings the organizational and operations experience to help us efficiently move as a team to create the best possible retreat for each of you!

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Kristen Ashley Moore, RScP

Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville, NC Kristen’s spiritual journey began over a decade ago with a scientific approach.  Over the years, she has studied many paths including Hinuism, Christianity, Oneness, Tantra, Buddhism, and New Thought.  Kristen has been a member of Center for Spiritual Living, Asheville, NC for almost 4 years and is currently in her second year of Practitioner Studies.  She plans to follow through with her schooling and become a Science of Mind Minister. Kristen has a passion for Women’s Empowerment and Radical Self-Love and coaches women and lead workshops on these topics.  In addition, she loves working with Autistic People and caregiving in many forms. In her free time, Kristen enjoys being outside, swimming, dancing, reading, and living life to the fullest!

Jason Muraira

New Thought Center for Spiritual Living, Lake Oswego, OR In 2007, at age 23, Jason left his home town of Olympia, WA on a journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. He has since lived in Southern California, Colorado, and Oregon. Studying creative writing and literature in college, Jason nurtured his love for creativity and self-expression. He has extensive experience in the business world where he works as a corporate buyer, creative problem solver, and advocate of win-win business solutions. In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing guitar, hiking, reading, and writing. Overcoming an abusive childhood, early drug addiction, gang affiliation, and depression, Jason has developed a passion for personal growth and connection with Spirit. He seeks to serve humanity by unfolding his gifts and helping others do the same. Jason currently leads the Young Adult Group at New Thought Center for Spiritual Living in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

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Rev. Masando Mike Hiraoka

Rev. Masando Mike Hiraoka received his BA in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado -Boulder in 2004, was introduced to his Buddhist meditation practice in his travels to India through Naropa University’s Buddhist Studies program in 2003, and received a Masters in Consciousness Studies from Holmes Institute in 2016. He has a monthly column, “The Art of Being Human” in the Science of Mind Magazine and is a member of CSL’s Diversity Commission, whose charge is to foster a greater culture Diversity & Inclusion within Centers for Spiritual Living.

Masando’s greatest passions include inter-faith and social justice ministry, finding that place where socially engaged participation and action can meet spiritual growth and the creation of greater communities of kinship and belonging.

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