2018 NextGEN Retreat Scholarship

The Scholarship Application Deadline for 2018 has passed.  Thank you for your interest in the NextGEN Retreat!  We would still love for you to be there.

Fundraising Ideas to get to NextGEN Retreat 2018


  • Ask your local center to Sponsor you. Click Here for more information on Sponsorships
  • Print out our flyer, hand it out, and ask for support! Click Here to download the flyer
  • Start a CrowdFunding Page.  We love www.youcaring.com
  • Sell all of those extra things you have laying around your house that you never use
  • Use www.craigslist.org or www.taskrabbit.com to find extra odds and ends jobs
  • Offer one of your many talents to members of your community in exchange for donations
  • Tithe!  Use the Spiritual Laws of abundance and prosperity to manifest the funds.  Contact a Practitioner if you would like support or information on how to do that.  (We have Practitioners on the Team!)